ReCreator Blanks drill fixture

Very soon. We will be live streaming the use of this fixture that was provided to us for review.

Also. We will be doing a new Build using the AIMS 74 receiver that was sent to us as well.


Looks good. I need to get an AIMS-74 and Rpk slab side receiver for my Paratrooper RPK from recreator.
Sounds like a good stream.


Interesting jig looks like
I must admit I have been sorely slacking on ak builds
I’ve been building 1911’s a lot latley


1911 is something I need to be building as well. I have been having the urge to do different stuff for builds lately. I have always wanted a BREN.

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The 1911 is like the ak for me it takes skill to do it no normal joe is building one on his kitchen table like other firearms
Just my .02
Hope you are well