Red Dead Redemption II (RDR2) - REVIEW

Being born In 1995, I was destined to be a gamer. Growing up TX, was filled with classic movie like:
True Grit
El Dorado
First full of dollars
Outlaw: Josey Wales.

All that, Any sort of western that is brought to my attention, will have me hook. Having played the first RDR, and seeing the trailer, put me on a level of excitement, I haven’t felt in a while. I wanted to Massive open world of wilderness couldn’t get any better. I was ready for the Intense story “Rockstar Games” in know to create.
But sadly the game was a miss for me. :frowning: There was no sense of importance to the game store. In fact I gave up on the game due to it slow pace. Long dry dialog, busy story line. The game was just everywhere, and not in a good way.

The developers seem to focus more on lame cheese interactions, rather than producing a story. Now do get me wrong, if you like having to tend to your character, more than you take care of your self…then this may be for you. if you wanna take care of a horse, better than you take care of a your car…this is for you. But if you want a story that drives…eh.

Im pretty sure its a me thing. Maybe it just has a slow start. All in All
Crazy Interactions-10/10

I would wait till the game is on sale. And if you only have a 500gb PS4, with games like BF4, One, And 5 on it be ready to possibly uninstall some Sh*t. cause the game is about 100gb, with a 2-disk install.

Have you played the game, what are your thoughts some far?


Good honest review. Good to see someone else not give in to the hype.

The first Red Dead Redemption is in my top 5 all-time. Probably #3. A friend bought me Red Dead Redemption II mainly because I wasn’t going to buy it due to my stance against its publisher and it’s greedy microtransaction history.

I’ll do a full review if/when I beat it but after about 6 hours I spent more time wandering around than doing story missions. Which is fine because I gladly do that a lot of open work games. The first Red Dead Redemption seemed to have more purpose and was infinitely more enjoyable from a story perspective. The (environmental) visuals in Red Dead Redemption II are indeed stunning, but, I just lack motivation to play it.

I second everyone waiting to buy it until it’s cheaper used.


Its really slow. I usally dont have to much time to invest in games

My sons been playing it alot. He enjoys it but like you said with the story line it didn’t grab my attention to want to sit for hours and play

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