Red dot sight opinion


So I’ve recently purchased two new red dot sights for my newly built ARSENAL AK-47. One is a Vortex Razor and the other a Holosun Hs510c. Bought both cause I couldn’t decide between the two. And now I’m having second thoughts about both. They were a lil pricey for what I’m gonna be doing with them. So my question to the forum is, is there any other red dot sights that’s not as expensive but will give me QUALITY, ACURACY, & RELIABILITY for less that $300?


Cannot speak on the Holosun but Vortex is extremely good for the money. I own a Vortex Strikefire and Sparc, which are mounted on a M4gery and AK. Both have done well. They have kept zero and the actual illuminated dots are fairly crisp. Not as good as the Aimpoints I used in the military but for the money are quite decent IMO. Battery life of the Vortex is o.k but nowhere near the Aimpoints. Personally I wouldn’t look at any cheaper alternatives.


I agree that the Vortex Strikefire is a solid choice for a budget red dot. It is quite a bit larger and heavier that the micro red dots. I have owned two for several years and have put them through a couple thousand rounds of 5.56 and 250 or so rounds sitting on a 458 socom AR upper. No problems with holding zero in my experience.

I also own a Holosun HS503C circle dot sight that sits atop my AR pistol. I am really liking this optic but have less than 500 rounds on it. No problems yet. Holds zero and is very light compared to the Strikefire.

I have two of the Primary Arms micro dot sights (not the advanced micro dot) but do not have experience with them on larger calibers. I have only used them on a Ruger 10/22 and a KelTec Sub200 9mm, but they have performed well in those applications.


Take a look at what SIG Sauer has to offer. The Romeo series are pretty slick.


I bought a sig Romeo 4 and am very happy with it.


The Mrs has used the same Vortex Strikefire for years now, might even be a decade. (Dont remember when they came out).
On the other hand, about a year ago when those Holosun bugger were being tested, I was one of the testers. I mailed it back after a week. Id rate the one I had somewhere between an NC Star, and Leapers. The one I had was a prototype, so maybe they are better now, or not.
We wont bet our lives on one, live the Vortex.


I have a Savage MKII .22 for small to medium pests inside 50m.

Can anyone recommend a mid range red dot or holograph sight.

I’ve been looking at the Bushnell at $109.00

Was thinking look on ebay.


DI optics, they make the red dots issued to the South Korean military…supposedly ,thier aimpoint m4 clone has a battery life of 20k off a single AA, they run from $200-250. They are heavy duty though and not for a lightweight build.


Bushnell TRS-25. Best $52 I’ve ever spent. Kept zero on my 9mm carbine and now my AR. Will get another one soon.


I agree! Works great on my Ruger PC.


I got one of these for my daughters AR15. I personally hate halo and red dot scopes. However, I’ve watched her shoot eggs at 50 yards offhand. I know, 50 yards ain’t far but, have you ever tried shooting eggs?


I found very few things to complain about the Vortex Venom Mini Red Dot. The only real downside was that it had some trouble properly mounting on bigger guns which was a little disappointing. But with a clear, accurate reticle, impressive battery life, durable water-proof body and a relatively parallax free sight, the scope is definitely one of the best red dot scopes today and at $230 it is reasonably priced. Check out more info here.


I’ve used a PA red dot and advanced red dot, and holosun (can’t remember the model), and so far they work fine with absolutely no issues. Whoops! The PA red dot was unusable out of the box, but PA fixed it and it’s been fine since. The PA is on a comp’ gun and sees thousands of 9mm on the PCC yearly. Both are under your 300 limit, esp' if you shop around to save on the Holosun, or wait for a deal. I don’t think I paid much over $100 for the PA.

I must address customer service. PA has been super in the customer service department. First with the red dot whose vert’ adjustment didn’t work. Then later the advanced red dot was supposed to have NV settings and didn’t (not many rounds out of it yet). They contacted me to see if I wanted to get it fixed. Just super folks to deal with. One might suggest that things shouldn’t need fixing in the first place, but I chalked it up to new product teething problems. But they stood behind their products.


Had the same fantastic service with Holosun as you did with PA. Called Holosun when adjustment clicks quit working -adjusted fine but couldn’t tell amount adjusted. Sent me a replacement in 3 days with a note to return mine in same shipping box with their prepaid return shipping ! Replacement has been perfect.


I like the bushnell TRS-25.


I can double down on the Sig Romeo 4. While I have an Eotech on my go-to rifle, my lightweight rifle wears a Romeo 4 and I couldn’t be happier with it.


I have a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot on my Ruger PC Carbine 9mm. It works great! I previously had it on my AR15, then my 10/22 Takedown. Didn’t like it on either. Perfect fit for my PC!


I wish they would make Eotech clones, I really like the company even better then Sig or Holosuns budget line up. DI has them slightly beat considering it is only $50 more and military grade.


@jf89, I agree with you great company there red dots are a best-in-class and they have fantastic customer service in case there is an issue with one of their products.