Red Flag for Tennessee


Hey all…FYI:

Tennessee State Senator Steve Dickerson will introduce a Red Flag bill when the next session of the Tennessee General Assembly starts in January of 2019.

Contact him here:


What’s his party affiliation? His facebook doesn’t say and I’m not gonna scroll through it.

Never mind. Found out. He’s a damn republican. What a damn shame. This is absolutely exactly why I said don’t count on republicans as I said here:

How a Democratic House will affect gun rights

There will be several states pushing red flag bills during the next session of Congress


And so it begins. Better quash these now because it sets a precedent to future confiscation.


well,at least he’s an Anesthesiologist…so…shouldn’t feel it at all…right?

There’s a red flag…no doubt about that


And here is the effect of these red flag orders:

Just can’t understand why anyone would be upset about a couple of police officers showing up to take your guns away. (Sarcasm inserted here)


Terrible! I did a video on it right after it happened.

This WILL happen again, unfortunately.


It’s spreading like a highly contagious disease


Jeez people, we are in deep trouble.



@SAK there are more being filed as we speak!!


The problem is the average American sheeple will see this as “a good idea” and not know what this actually is. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. This IS an assault on our constitution.