Red Flag Law in Hawaii

It is law now.
Hit the state in the wallet and refuse to patron the state.


I never wanted to go there anyway. Fiji, or pretty much most French Polynesian islands like Bora Bora or Tahiti are better island destinations anyway. Now I KNOW I’ll never go to Hawaii.


Never been, never wanted to go.
I heard it was nasty and full of homeless people.


We have to fight back with everything we can.
"Hit 'em in their wallet. BIG TIME
The left lies and breaks the law constantly. Their ruined cities suck your tax revenues to pay for their complete failures.
How many times you have you heard?:
“Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight” – You have to fight fire with fire.-- Legally :wink:
Lots of review sites. Write some politely how the democrat city you visited was a shithole of shitheads. Dangerous- NOT for families or kids. Felt unsafe etc…
Just look up their news and make a bogus BAD review. Lie like they do too.
“WE were robbed in Baltimore” - “assaulted in NYC” - beat down in boogie town-shitty food - rude, mean people and servers - etc…
Like the man said HURT THEIR WALLETS.

FLAME their cities -businesses etc down the line.
Burn the rats.


I agree with your disbelief turning away any thoughts of going to Hawaii. Richly deserved, the red flag is usually flown to report a serious storm so get off the beach! So you can in good conscience you can stay off their beaches an keep your tourist’s dollars out of their economy. That was for the 49th or 50th whichever one has the sand.