"Red Flag Law Turns Deadly"


Here’s a thought. If someone is THAT fucking dangerous then take them in custody instead of coming for their guns in the early morning hours unannounced. But no, the politicians from both parties want these people dead and guns taken.


All these “Red Flag” laws are just inviting abuse.

This :poop: gotta stop.


It’s only the beginning I’m afraid


As I understand this, anyone can make a complaint against anyone else, even anonymously and without proof.
Kind of wonder if, in this case, the victim really did grab the gun as reported.
Just a thought.


If someone came to my door unexpectedly at five in the morning I would have gun in hand myself.
What this shows is how bad these laws are.
A Judge issued the order because the guys sisters requested it for some undisclosed reason we will never hear.

The story from his niece is totally different.

From the Baltimore Sun:

But the Baltimore Sun spoke with Michele Willis, Gary’s niece, who believes one of Willis’ sisters requested that police temporarily remove his guns, attributing the action to “family being family.”
Ms. Willis said her uncle “likes to speak his mind,” but she described him as harmless.

So as shown so far…
We can have some Judge issue an order because we disagree with a family member?
Damn I am in huge trouble if that is so.
Just goes to show how our Judicial System is corrupted and has become an Agenda From The Bench agency rather than a check and balance agency.
Cops are in a CYA mode so the actual indecent will never be disclosed either.
Perhaps they were right, perhaps not.
And we will never hear the Full Story that’s for sure because the Medias agenda is to grab guns.


It is only a matter of time before the Supreme Court gets involved because these new laws blatantly violate several constitutional amendments…like the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 14th, etc. I hope it happens soon because more tragedies will occur if they continue to invade homes in the middle of the night.


@SteelPinger, lets hope so! Because if it doesn’t overturn this clearly unconstitutional law we as firearms owners area royally fucked.


This “red flag” ordinances are obvious denial of due process(thank you @Robert). Sadly, it will be available to be used even if families seek counselling through Clergy or Mental Health providers who are both invested philosophically in removal of the alleged objects that cause fear to some individuals. As it is, there will be other incidents until there is legal challenge. The press will publically tout the need for more controls, as will politicians, let them try to alter a civilised and Constitutional Right. We, here, will not permit these travesties.


Bad laws produce bad results.

More to come, unfortunately.

Stay tuned………

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We can only hope. Sending armed men to take a man’s property because someone said they should is just criminality with extra steps.