Reloading for Swiss K11

I recently purchased a Swiss K11 for $230 which I considered a good price the gun shoots great, however the ammo is not cheap. Cheapest I’ve found is $20 for 20, so I’ve decided to get into reloading, fortunately I have people in my family that are reloaders, so I’m just trying to get a general idea on how much powder to use, primers, bullets, etc. Also I only shoot out to 350 yards so they don’t have to be rather hot loads. Thanks

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Don’t trust internet fuddlore dude. Just consult a reloading manual. Your hands and face will thank you later when they continue to exist instead of being blown off in a KB.


Whoops said it best, consult reloading manuals. I’m a reloader and I’ve seen some pretty wild loads posted. A good manual (Hornady, Seirra, etc…) will be your best bet. Start off at the minimum loads and work your way up gradually, watching for pressure signs. Personally I never load “max” as I don’t care how good someone thinks they are, no reloading equipment is foolproof. It only takes one bad load to ruin your day or your life.

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