Reloading for the Ruger Precision Rifle in .308

So, I have recently started reloading for a Ruger Precision Rifle (I will also be reloading for semi-auto .308 rifles, so I am using RCBS small base dies). One thing I noticed right off the bat is that my reloads seem tight in the chamber. I double checked all the dimensions and they are all within spec of the cartridge drawing in all my reloading manuals. It is mainly that when locking the bolt into the chamber, I have to use a little more force. The brass is all once-fired, out of this very gun. There was some Federal (unfortunately didn’t keep track of which line of their ammo it was, as my father had bought the stuff) and some Lake City (even though they seem to be owned by federal I am under the impression they are made in different factories). Both case types had the issue.

I reset all my dies and the issue still persisted, however if I ran the cases through several times it got better but didn’t completely go away.

The rounds all went bang and no unexpected consequences of that occurred, so as of now my main issue with this is it causing me to hang up in potential long range competitions cause it is noticeably more difficult to lock the bolt on my reloads than factory ammo.

My question to anyone who has more experience reloading than me is this: what issues could I be missing? Is this actually an issue? Is it possible my chamber is too tight? Any problems you guys think it might be, let me know and I’ll check it, no matter how stupid it might seem, cause it’s always possible I missed something.


Bolt rifles tend to have tighter chambers anyway and it depends on where the rifle was in the life cycle of the reamer used to ream the chamber. It sounds like you have a pretty tight chamber. You might want to get the chamber measured to see what you are working with so you can set your dies up to work well with the rifle.