Reloading in 308

Hi all I am just about to start reloading in .308 for my fr8 mauser, I will be shooting at 100 & 300 yards, can anyone give me any advise on powder weights, bullets Tec. I currently reload for my Henry big boy in .357,

I reload and I would suggest starting your loads at the lowest point and working up to a moderate load that groups the best for your rifle. Since you plan on not shooting past 300 yards you really don’t need a hot/max load for that type of shooting.

Hope this helps. I don’t suggest specific load data personally.

Order an RCBS Precision Mic ( so you can check fired cases for length, and see what your reloading dies do to the cases. The headspace was on the money in my milsurp 7.62 rifle, but full length sizing would create an excessive headspace situation. It’s a good accessory to have, and will make your reloads better and safer. The fr8 is a short barreled rifle, so you will probably want to go toward faster burning rifle powders. I broke down some Winchester factory ammo and found a load of 748 at the beginning level listed in a well respected loading manual. The pressure is lower with that powder than the listed pressures for larger charges of slower burning powder. Study those manuals and find a combination that is kind to your old rifle. If you do not know the history of your rifle, you might want a gunsmith to check it over for possible problems.

Yep that was my feeling too, I had her to a good gun Smith who checked her for me, head space is spot on and the barrel looks to be unfired, obviously it has been fired but it looks as New, so a range visit is due .asap

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I think the fr8 s were rebarreled to 7.62 and then were never used. I had one that also appeared to be a new barrel, and a friend had the same with his. It’s a great carbine sized rifle!

The barrel is stamped .308, and the reciever is stamped 7.62, so I guess im good with either ammunition

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Yup…had one of the older K98s that the IDF rebarreled to .308 back in the late 1940s…great truck gun…indestructable.

Just for the sake of the argument: Why do you want to shoot anything 308 at those distances? The 7.62x39 round will do excatly the same thing 308 does within the 300m threshold. May I suggest you look in to the Same Mauser action, CZ quality, sweet priced rifle, cheap ammo. What’s not to like?

Very true, however to purchase & own any firearms here in th UK, is a very long and can be extremely expensive, my fr8 rifle has cost me $1300 , ammunition is about $80 per 100 for milsurp. To get my rifle has also taken just over 1 year. So I have to make do with what I have.

Fair enough. I thought you were an American.

I reload 308 a lot. I don’t like to give out specific load data. My advice is to start low and ladder it up. See what tour rifle likes… I have found that 308 using a standard load data for a specific bullet manufacturers data will get you past 300 yards jut fine.
Good luck and happy loading…just be careful

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As long as you don’t try to turn it into a magnum with extra hot loads it will last your lifetime!

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