Reloading, lets see what you got


Just finished sorting out my brass from this winter. It’s all cleaned and ready to go.

First up is some 9mm. Got a Lee 1000 progressive press set up for that, it never changes.

Redding-reloading just contacted me that my new T-7 turret press is shipping today. That will be set up with the new .223 dies.

I’ll also be putting the set of .50 Beowulf dies I have on it. Going to need more turret plates to mount the rest of my dies. .44 magnum, .50ae, .500 magnum, .308, .300 blackout, 6.5 Grendal

My next press will the the Lee BMG press.


Many options, only limit is your bank account. The one I have coming will be my third press. My first was a small Lee hand press. It’s fine for very small runs, but that’s about it. I used it for rifle and big bore stuff. The T-7 is taking its place. I suggest one that is easy to swap out setups without changing the set points. Also think about what you will be doing in the future, not just what you need right now.


A little older video, but gives a quick look as the Lee 1000


Just a quiet little corner of the basement.


Here’s my mess. Just finished loading a bunch of .308. About to start some 460 S&W.


That is WAY too organized! hahahaha


I don’t know if this counts, but this if for the reloader that wants that extra edge on the competition. Get your self a very flat surface, a v- block, and grab a dial indicator.

Get your reloaded ammo and check for concentricity at the neck and projectile. Set the cartridge in the v-block and rotate the cartridge. You will have to be diligent in keeping the v- block, and cartridge in line with the indicator.

Then separate into groups of .000, .001, .002 etc. go shooting and see the difference! Good luck, be safe and have fun!


Ahh, yes… one of those “angry you have banana shaped Lapua cases” tools.

Great tool for accuracy loading. You will be amazed at how bad some of your brass actually is.


Well, I’m done messing with my progressive press, time to rethink it. And it’s already working out much better.


I started with all Lee reloading. Now I will not use lee presses. I have had too many problems. That being said, I like there die sets a lot, and still run them. I’m sorry to hear your having those issues with your lee press too. To be fair Dillon has had some sub par stuff too.


This is what I have. I reload for rifle, handgun, and 16ga. The coffee cans are different types of brass cases. Ponsness Warren shotshell press, RCBS Ammomaster, RCBS Rockchucker, Redding Turret, and Dillon 650. I cast bullets for BPCR single shot rifles as well.


Nice set up you have there.


Ok, much respect for that badass setup but… you need to adjust that caffeine addiction to something better than Folgers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey I grew up in the US Navy on this stuff. It tastes better reheated the next day in a microwave! Seriously the container are great for storing brass.


Hahaha, yeah i did too. Mix in some chickory and brew with deep well water…best coffee i ever had.


I need one of these… but I know If they arent all the same I will have a heart attack! Going to wait until I have money for neck turning tools before I get a gauge. Tempting tho…



I drink my coffee black and I drink Folgers, myself. Good and consistent.


Its funny, the guys at work all gave me crap about my “snooty” coffee. They are/were Folgers drinkers. I took my Keurig and put it on my toolbox. I’m always willing to share my coffee. They tried my Peets Coffee, Major Dickason Belnd. Now i find myself with an almost empty box of K cups and several dollar bills to buy more coffee. Hahahaha

Give some of this a try…


THE ADMIRAL drinks Peets. But she puts so much adulteration (flavored creamer and sugar) in a cup she no longer has coffee.

It’s OK, but just as good as Folgers Classic Roast. IMHO not really any better.

I make a pot of Folgers in the morning and take some in a travel mug to work. No K-Cup stuff.


My reloading room.