Reloading room


Lets see those boom rooms and gun smithing rooms. I’m just starting to remodel mine.


You have a room? All hubby gets is a corner in the garage.


I just have a corner in the cellar.


All I have for a reloading room isn’t even a room.
Just a home made small book case that surprisingly holds everything needed.
I used to use a 6 ft long bench with plenty of room below on a huge shelf, with a very large set of drawers.
But with a little planning, the new arrangement works just fine and takes up very little space in my office.
If I had a modern camera, i’d show it.
But all the photo equipment is old 35mm stuff.
Obsolete, like me.


Wow, this is cool. I don’t have any of the reloading stuff yet. It costs a fortune over here. I don’t have that kind of capital right now, especially after just buying my CZ P10C, quantum carry kydex holster, CR Speed belt, etc. A lot of money gone, just like that. Haha. But keen to do some reloading. But only space I have is on a little table in my Wendy house :rofl:


That’s a term I’ve never heard. Is that like a shed or garage?


Must be a south African term, I’ve never heard of it either.


Haha. Sorry, forgot that it’s a term only used in South Africa. Yes, it’s a garden shed made of wood


That’s Okay, we’re all learning from one another. I learned something new today.