Reloading tip for beginners


Hi all, very very new to reloading as in, saving for my first kit and researching stage.

I would appreciate JUST ONE TIP for the newbie.

I’ll start from what I’ve seen so far.

Please start: TIP #

would like to see how many tips we can get!


TIP # 1 - Establish if you will be shooting often enough to reload.


TIP #2 Always stay focused on what you are doing. Screw-ups while reloading can have catastrophic results. If you aren’t certain about what you did, double check, triple check, or scrap it.


Buy a good reloading manual from Hodsgen or Sierra and follow it . Always start below max. Loads and work up


Use known good brass. However tempting it may be, dont pick up the random cases rolling around at the range.


Tip #6 - put your money to start with into a very good scale and a single-stage press. A VERY good micrometer and a reasonably good linear caliper.

Other investments mostly save you time but do not necessarily add accuracy.


Oh, and don’t do this


Oh, I just tried to De-prime the poor man’s way as I’m saving for my kit. FAIL!

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, I thought it was easy enough just to punch it out WRONG???

NO idea, maybe I’m not using a thin enough punch. Would be a lot easier if I actually knew what the other side of the primer looks like or the case or where I need to hit. I’ll just have to wait for my press.



You need a press and a resizing die. it will pop the primer out and size the case in one smooth motion. Primer holes are about 1/16". You would need a really small punch. Even then, i can imagine that would be maddening.


Btw, my photo above shows what the other side of the primer looks like :flushed:


So backwards😲

Wow didn’t realise it was that small.


Depending on what cases you are trying to load you could have Berman or boxer type primers. The Berman has two flash holes and the boxer has one. You mostly see Berman on older military brass or some


Well thats something new. Now I know what that means thanks.


Trying to learn how to reload piece meal is just asking for trouble.
Like others have said, get a how to reloading book and read it thoroughly at least twice.
Acquiring your reloading skills by bits and pieces from a forum will lead to unexpected and unhealthy surprises.


Read, read, and read some more. When you do your first rounds, load at the minimum charge.

Also, when reloading, and this is my personal opinion. No music, no videos, no talking. Full attention to the task at hand.


Don’t know if you can get it but the NRA offers a class on reloading .


This is a very good source of info:


I can’t give just one tip! Read! Get the Lyman and Lee Manuals and study them first. Start with straight walled pistol cartridges and pay close attention to quality control. Begin with bulky, slow burning powders rather than the dense, fast burning ones. This will prevent you from doing a double or triple charge, which will blow up your gun. Also, with the dense powders, you may not notice a light charge, and end up sticking a bullet halfway down your barrel. Start by working single-stage so you learn each step. Do not try to magnumize by loading hot. Keep good records. Wear safety glasses when priming. Pay attention to what you are doing and you will have no worries. You do not have to do a lot of shooting to enjoy reloading, but you will enjoy your shooting more, and you will be super-confident when you put a varmint in you sights.


I think you mean Berdan:


Right now we are waiting on Redding reloading to send us their large press. Once that arrives we will be doing some reloading podcasts using different presses and calibers. As with all our podcasts, we will have live chat for people to ask questions.