Reloading tip for beginners


What do you want your rifle to do is another thing. Do you want accurate consistent loads or plinking loads? Once you’ve asked yourself that go from there.


Check and double check everything when you are starting out. You will learn over time just how much your brass will stretch, when it needs trimming, what calibers/cartridges need attention, and which ones don’t. It’s a good habit to get into, and it teaches you the patience you need to become a good/safe reloader.
I’ll say this…once you load up 50 rounds of ammo, then find out you need to tear it all apart and start over again, you WILL, learn the value of doing it right the first time :wink:


And when you disassemble that first 50and yeah it will probably happen,use collet to tear down loads, try not to use hammer,its more dangerous!:yum:


Cleaning your cases is a waste of time. Other than wiping down but tumbling them only makes them look good. Been loading for 40 yrs and never tumble anything.


Find an old reloader that still has all their fingers, and camp out right next to them.


Learn to make powder primers and cast, and while your at it
Git some powder coat,for later!become self sufficient!
Its easy and not expensive,and you can shoot a lot more
Practise makes 2 bullets one hole!
Sugjested viewing elvis ammo,loads of bacon,fortune cookie
All these guys are what i would consider expert.good luck and good loading!


Yes been looking into casting.

Not sure the importance of podwer coating?
I’ve watched lots of video’s but none explain why?

Thanks for the suggestions👍


I just went on the ADI load data page with Min & Max gr’s.

Will I need to purchase Manuel as I’ve heard most powder brands have a data load page?


Go back to JTR’s reply, 2 weeks ago. Good tip.
Also,maybe 1 of the best tips is CountryVetsLiving,
" find an old reloader that stil has all his fingers"
Learning, hands on, from an experienced reloader will save a lot of time and grief. I’ve never met a shooter that wouldn’t go out of their way and help anyway they could.


Good tip, a mentor is a great idea,but yeah you need! Loading manuels plural! Best,speer you need this,lyman, lee,at the very least ya all three you will use them,and dont depend on ,on line !
Hard copies in your possesion!


Shoot, pay my way down to Oz, room and board, and I’ll stay as long as you want and teach you everything I know! :slight_smile: :wink:


The powder coating replaces lubing the bullets. Making a “cleaner” bullet to work with and shoot. As well as it wont rub off or dry out like traditional lube. I have not tried it myself yet, but I can tell you that tumble or pan lube can get messy quickly.


Powder coat, lead bullets its a jacket,eliminate leading and allow soft lead bullets to take pressures,eliminates need for check cups special lower pressure powder ect makes casting a no brainer😋