I reload a lot, it’s kind of an obsession or lunacy to the anti’s…once winter sets in my evenings are prepping brass and pulling the press handle…loaded 150 5.56 and 90 6 Creedmoor so far in last week, I have at least 750 5.56 to go…who else reloads ?


I did this one


Took a class at @USRS to do it, only paid $100.00 for that bullet and happy to have done it :sunglasses:


One of my favorite things to do. Sit in my quiet little “grotto” and focus on the task. And constantly “tweak” to squeeze a little extra accuracy out.

I hunt and target shoot with reloads only, except for 9mm. Not worth chasing the brass around.


I’m going to finally begin reloading this spring. I have quite a few of the supplies and have been looking at various pressed for a while now. Gonna focus on 9mm and 6.5 Creedmoor. I have a ton of 9mm brass and I just started shooting 6.5 this winter and I love it. I’m thinking about going with an RCBS Rockchucker. Any thoughts?


This is one thing I will absolutely start doing when I have more space.

Actually, what would be great is to see your setups. As in, not only the press, but how you clean and prep brass, lube, etc.

If you guys dont mind sharing, I would really appreciate some reloading pics. Workspace, etc.


RCBS makes solid equipment…other than a few die sets it is all I own. The biggest improvement I have made this year was buying a RCBS Charge Lite automatic powder dispenser, worth it’s weight in gold. I can load a lot of 5.56 now very fast because of it. Buy a RCBS case trimmer and a hand priming tool, both save a lot of time…


Will do!


I reload a little, I guess. I did about 1200 rounds of .223 and 1400 rounds of 9mm. Still have a long ways to go. I also cast my own rounds and hope to start swaging bullets at some point.


I have been using the same RCBS Press for over 35 years.

But, if I were starting from scratch, I would seriously consider a Redding Boss. I am a big fan of their dies and accessories.


A buddy of mine bought a Dillon 650 setup and WOW…an ammo plant in your spare bedroom or garage…once we got it all set up and got a routine going doing 600 rounds an hour is childs play…taking time to set up dies for pistol ammo is a little aggravating at first though…I do all my rifles single stage and load a lot of 5.56 for the AR’s…filling ammo cans can get addicting…


Just loaded up 50 rds of 45 Colt for my Bisley with a Lee Loader.
250 gr XTP bricks on the front.
I estimate I will be throwing them at 840 FPS.


I cannot believe that we are still looking at just one picture of a very expensive 9mm round in this thread.


A few more gizmos since this image but mostly similar.



Sir, THAT, is a 45 and learning to reload from a professional is priceless,

(turns abruptly away)


4+5=9? Lol

Ok, I didnt look at it closely. Sorry.

And why am I talking to your back?


Looks real good Robert! Going to take it out and give it a ‘shot’? Lol


I’ve been reloading .45 ACP and .38 Special for many years. I enjoy it as much as shooting. I haven’t experimented with rifle rounds yet, but I probably will at some point in the future.


The single stage Rock Chucker is a great press. However, I would recommend a progressive press for 9mm if you shoot a lot of rounds. The time difference is huge. I can reload 100 rounds of .45 ACP in 15-20 minutes with my Dillon progressive.


Yeah, in the long run I think that progressive would be the better investment to make. Thank you for the info!


IMO you need to do quite a bit of single stage loading first before going progressive, You need to develop good habits and learn how everything needs setup to load good safe ammo that will run in a semi pistol or rifle, once you have those things down pat then by all means go progressive…