Always the possibility to start single stage and then upgrade to progressive. I’m mainly going to be reloading 6.5 Creedmoor so I won’t be needing to reload in a hurry.


I recently re-organized the brass…I don’t think I need to collect any more.

Dug down to a large ammo can I was hoping to use for something else and it turned out to be full to the brim with pre-lubed 125g 9mm lead bullets. When did I buy those?!?!?


Good find.


They must have been CHEAP! The only lead I load is for my Webley.


Can always melt them down. I cast over 2000 9mm 124gr bullets a while back. Powder coated them all. Got about 1400 loaded and ran out of primers.


I load from 5.56mm to .458 Lott in rifle and from 9mm to .44 Mag in handgun. Started casting a few years ago to preclude ammo shortages and ended up shooting a lot more. I took three deer this year with projectiles that I cast myself.

No photos of my setup, it is in a manshed beside the house and I’ve outgrown it. I’m using a Pacific single stage press from before when Hornady bought them out. I have a Pacific progressive that actually worked well but I just prefer making ammo on the single stage. Part of my group therapy I guess. :sunglasses:


Sounds great. I’m hoping to get the swaging dies to do .223. One die cuts the rim off a spent .22lr case, then you drop in a lead core and push it in a different die. You end up with nearly free .223 bullets.


What’s this now?
Can’t quite picture that process. Can’t wait for that video.


I loaded 100 44 mags today . Other than hunting round s for rifles this is about all I load anymore .


Nice, lets see the setup you use.


Nothing special just an rcbs rockchuker and Lee dies.



Don’t know how the water piping got in there, sorry.:flushed:




Oh, I assumed that you made your own brass from salvaged copper. :rofl:


I might suggest flex tube next time for your final connections…


Thank you for sharing. This gives me a pretty good idea about the size of the setup.


Good shit
My winter bug this year is building custom 1911’s
And learning how to file like a master


I probably couldn’t afford to shoot if I didn’t reload. I have been reloading .308 for about 4yrs along with .260 and .223 in the last 2yrs. It’s a great way to build accurate ammunition.
It’s just time demanding and if you have limited time to yourself it can get difficult to make the ammo and do all the brass prep.

But I love it. Tremendously rewarding to build ammo and amazing groups out of it.


Dillon 650 for most stuff and a rockchucker for the rest. All calibers except the code red stuff.
Dillon RT1200 electric case trimmer on the 650 for 338 WM, 308, 223, 44 mag.
Recent project: Pistol caliber progressive case trimming, check out my post on the 308 forum: