Remember, Remember the 3rd of November

speaking of the Ideal World he is not supposed to do changes, he is supposed to “represent” you with your “changes”.
this ideal reflects one particular aspect of reality pretty accurately:
the man is only as much important as much you implement in your real life the ideas he represents.

in a way he is providing you a symbol of authority to cover your ass with.


Familiar with The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by Etienne de la Boétie? Very much the same ideas you express there. I agree for sure.


no, for better or worse, i am full of my own ideas and theories.
i might appreciate the old classical meme “Natural Rights” and absorb Napoletano’s lectures, but i invent my explanation for the MECHANISM of the Natural Rights emergence in a natural population of humans.

i look up the name, found this Essay, it is almost to the letter what i wrote back in USSR when i was 20. It is on one hand sad that people always find ways to challenge my priority. The man took me over by 450 years, but at least i was 20 – and when he wrote the essay he was 18 – that’s devastating…
I must admit his victory over this topic.
Moreover, i made his conclusions analyzing human behaviour under Stalin, and from this vantage point it appears that sir Etienne predicted Stalin. The only thing left in my excuse is his access to Montaigne, which i had not.

On the other hand, i consider the logical conclusion of “peaceful disobedience” a disadvantage, a trap of this line of reasoning – it logically following from our observations is the depressing part, not an “answer”.


IMO ‘Peaceful Disobedience’ works best in a armed population that refuses to be disarmed. The higher the percentage that are armed the better.

The more that Citizens can protect themselves from the vagaries of an incompetent, corrupt, self serving, and out of control government the less likely for the success of a all out totalitarian take over.

This soft Totalitarianism is bad enough. The only protection from it escalating, is armed citizens demanding honest elections, equally applied Justice, and for corruption to be stamped out whereever it is found.

Corporations need to not be treated as Super-Citizens, but as simply a business. We need an end to the actual Facism that happens from businesses doing the unconstitutional dirty work of a government that serves itself instead of ‘We the People’.


this is why i make a next step from “disobedience” (an in the exact direction described above) – we actively CREATE rights:

  1. rights are A PROCESS
  2. rights are what we GIVE to other people, not what we take from them.

speaking of “armed population”, it is required for any, however slightly decent society, but at the same time it is required for everything else in your life. I seriously mean EVERYTHING. Every breath you take is based upon 2A. And it is very easy to see.

If you have a bank account and you never existed, you don’t have a bank account.

It literally takes YOU to give any purpose whatsoever to any of your actions or even actions upon you.

Whereas 2A gives you the right to defend your SELF, not just from the govt, not just from other criminals, from basically any forms of dying that could be thwarted with violence. 2A gives you the MOST FUNDAMENTAL right possible, the right to remain you, whatever you think you are – This right literally DEFINES “YOU”.


100 Percent Correct.


in approx 3…4 hours from now i am intending to record a video conversation on the formulation of the 2A.