Reminder to listen to your own lectures...


Putting a different bbl on a young man’s FAL last night I gave a 5 minute speech at one point about being careful to make sure you aren’t cutting bbl shoulder when you should be cutting breech face when you haven’t noticed the face is bottoming out in the receiver.

Guess what happened next?

We got distracted by the badly abused shoulder and ended up cutting too much of it by a thou or so. So out comes the circle cutter set and the beer cans and we make some shims to fix it.

Murphy is such an a$$hat sometimes…and always listening!!!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: :worried:


Oh hey, that reminds me, what is the policy on foul language here? Both in forum/comments and in videos themselves?


nothing is illegal until you get caught


Be Best




There’s not really a policy that I’m aware of. Just don’t get personal and you’ll be fine I think. Maybe somebody will correct me.


I use curse words alot so im assuming its ok.


:rofl: im getting Alex Jones-ed


I like periodically typing “Comment redacted by system admin” on facebook…it’s always good for a few laughs.


No distractions. I keep telling my kids that when I’m reloading.