Remington class action lawsuit



I’ve never had an issue with my Remington 700 but I might send in for repair anyways. After deer season of course.


This is a HUGE deal… to check your trigger, the release for the bolt will have a dimple in it. Very clearly marked. If it doesn’t, replace it. It is a MAJOR issue with accidental discharges.


I know it’s a problem but I rely on the saftey between my ear not on a machine. When I hunt I dont close the bolt all the way until Im ready to take a deer walking to my stand. When I climb up the stand my bolt rests open. Is there specific years this includes or is it all 700s?


It effects all Remington 700s from “possibly” before 1948 to I think 2014 when they switched trigger mechanisms. They are only warranting fir a few years back though. It is only good for 18 months as well.
But here is the issue… on certain occasions, you can load the rifle, place it on safe. When either opening the bolt or taking the weapon off safe, the firearm discharges. No amount of safety between your ears can account for that. Remington lost the lawsuit and now has to fix 100s of thousands of firearms… there is more on the subject online.