Remington Lawsuit allowed by Conn Court


Example of a corrupt Judicial System.
In Connecticut (Big Surprise? NOT)

Conn Supreme Court rules Remington can be sued by Sandy Hook parents.




Fine. The far left activist judges wanna play rough? I think we all need to start suing the automakers of the people’s car that hits us in collisions going forward. Lets show these idiots we can play their stupid game.


The lawsuit is about a commercial If I read that properly and will be thrown out very quickly.


Yeah legal bs work around not going after them for their product but the way they advertised it.


Not sure how to feel at this point, it seems the liberals are not waiting for the smoke to clear before they look to see if they hit the target. My confidence in their ability to know a hit or target is very low, especially in Connecticut where they used to hang women they thought were witches.


This is an example of legislating from the bench.
Doesn’t matter what the Laws say.
Agenda is more important than law.
Hope the US Supreme Court throws this pile out in the street where it belongs with the rest of the trash.