Remove plugs from our shotguns...need assistance.

I’m finding posts and no (useful) videos I can find about it online. I’m absolutely not familiar with these two shotguns from a disassembly aspect and they are in mint condition which worries me because I’m a shotgun noob.

So I need a smith who’s really familiar with an Ithaca model 37 (Ultra Featherlight) and a Remington 1100 (Featherlight) to help me out with having patience and guiding me through the process step by step so I don’t screw these future beautiful heirlooms that I inherited up. Thanks in advance.


Never owned a Remington, but I have an Ithaca 37 that I inherited from my father. He never did anything more than occasionally (every few years) run something down the barrel, so getting it apart the first time was a challenge.

From memory…

The knurled cap at the front of the magazine tube has to be turned so that it screws aft, pulling it away from the lug under the barrel. This was the biggest problem for me, because the threads had almost seized, requiring soaking it with oil and gradually working it back and forth until it freed up. Once the cap is free of the barrel lug, pull the slide to the rear, so that the bolt is not locked into the barrel. Rotate the barrel 90 degrees, and pull it forward from the receiver. You can then screw the magazine tube’s cap off and remove the spring and plug.

Reverse the process (after pulling the plug out of the spring), for reassembly.

Edit: I forgot to include the obligatory “First, make certain that the chamber and magazine tube are empty.”


Plus check the direction of the threads on magazine tube, As I recall, it screws loose with left handed screws but I could be wrong due to the different company’s plans other than Ithaca.

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