Report: New Jersey's 'large capacity magazine' ban isn't going well



Thankfully, another feel good article :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Don’t turn in nothing👍


Good for them. Hahahhahhaa


Not a feel good story, They have effectively removed these magazines from usage by any formerly law abiding person. You cant take them out for fear of being caught and fined. If you are caught with one for any reason you are toast AND they will be used as an excuse to search the house of ANY legal gun owner.


March against commie gov murphy - Trenton Mar 26

I’d say “burn the mother father down” but that would be wrong and inciting a riot— only black criminals can say that w/o penalty
Meanwhile murf’s favorite flavor of garbage continues their usual shit in the usual shit holes.
Vigil for DOA car thieves;

Can’t cure stupid. cory bookers dnc shithole of Newark is proof.



I lived in Jersey for years while I was stationed at Ft. Dix/McGuire. The gun laws were atrocious and this debacle shows that the people have had enough. Non-violent non-compliance is something we hate to do because as gun owners are generally the best rule followers out there. I feel for our brothers behind ‘enemy’ lines.

FYI Jersey is fairly cosmopolitan, and their rioters who commit crimes sans punishment come in all different flavors, shapes, and sizes.


No they come mostly from one color. Our news tries to hide it but it’s the truth.
Read that libsuk story then the crime section. Then the comments
No matter how the libsuk news tries - The crime section goes:
Black Black Brown White Black black Black Brown Illegal brown.
Nice try at spin.


I don’t get riled up too much but you Sir have pushed a button. Did you live there for eight years and see it with your own eyes? Were you forbidden by the military to visit off base establishments and venues because of the threat of violence? Jersey is a cesspoole of debauchery and filth, and EVERY moron there who celebrates it is to blame.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in that numbers don’t lie. The crimes committed in this country are mostly by people of color in the urban areas and beyond. It’s sad but true. To deny that is a disservice to ALL who want to find a solution to the ‘crime culture’ that pervades society.

However, if you are telling me that personally seeing shitty people of all types rioting, looting, and stealing in that state is a ‘spin’, then shame on you Sir.

Criminals operating under the Black Lives Matter banner, neo-Nazis, Mexican gangs, black gangs, RUSSIAN gangs, Democrats with purple hair and a propensity to set fires… they all exist there and are fueled by greed, drugs, and a complete lack of morals and values. I’m no angel. My views I’m sure are considered racist. But I usually I try to hate everyone that’s a piece of shit equally.

Go live there for awhile on a military base with people of all colors and creeds. They hate that shit too and many admit that there’s a problem with their culture when it glorifies criminal activity. Once you do that, come on back and we’ll discuss my ‘nice try at spin’.


I checked the link

you left out yellow

somehow think you misread something, or I did



I used rioters as an example. It always happens there after a crime is sensationalized.


Hence the rioters reference in my post.


I think you still read something wrong, I get the reference and it rings true IMO

LOL, I almost wonder if you had a black FB profile if you’d have not been banned…:thinking:


I get riled up easily when it’s something that I’ve personally seen. Sometimes my thoughts go off in their own little direction without a smooth transition. Maybe I’m just having one of those mornings… a Jersey flashback. Lol.


@mjrfd99 I don’t know what I was going for with all that but Jersey violence is near and dear to my heart. I’m no spin doctor. I just hate the crime there having been both a victim of it and seeing it first hand. I don’t delete posts, but I do apologize for crazy rants. I think my passion got the best of me on that one.


And this is why you are respected :sunglasses:


I’ve got issues also. Our hometown went so bad and it just pisses me off not one of the leaders of the community now will admit and confront the truth. That’s why the bad area just keeps spreading too.


The best part of New Jersey is way down at the bottom just before going through Delaware. Have you ever noticed all the trees in that area? :rofl:


I used to live in Whorton State Forrest there in the Pine Barrens. Beautiful area. The people were awful though. I don’t like living where the culture is that it’s ‘cool’ to be a butthead.


Pineys can be spooky.

Deliverance spooky.
Canoed hunted hiked and biked the Pinelands - never alone - Sam always came along.