Reproduction Muskets/Rifles


Just got a repro today- a friend just up and gave it to me. Is this a copy of a two band Zouave musket? It’s in decent shape. Edit: Didn’t know what category to put this in as you’re essentially doing a hand load each time.


Gorgeous, love the look


Oh look, its an assualt rifle from 1776.


Ive never fired a musket (or black powder for that matter) ,do they have different calibers?


@jf89 Yes, this one happens to be in .58 caliber. Just for fun, here it is on an original camp chair from the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.


My father got one of these from Dixie gun worksabout forty five years ago . It shoots beat with the four hundred grain Minnie ball and eighty grains of double f black powder. At the time he could out shoot the guys with Thompson center Hawkins and load sas fast.


@Jtr Thanks for the loading suggestion! I wasn’t sure what to try. I haven’t shot black powder in almost 20 years. I’m excited to try it. Hopefully it does outshoot that old Hawken I used to use.


I was wondering that myself after I got it. Right now I have access to land to shoot on but who knows what may happen in the future.


Most will say so on their website. My ranges here are pretty responsive to emails so I might recommend asking if their site doesn’t say.


All flint-loc/muzzleloaders are most definitely allowed at most any outdoor range in Ohio since many of the owners hunt with them.

I’ll have to get photographs of what my father-in-law has. Not only has he collected them over the years, he even builds them from scratch.

Next time I get over at his place, I’ll take photos of what he has and share them here.

I’m sure if I asked, he’d let me hunt with any one of them, however I already own 50 cal. muzzleloader that I currently use for muzzy season.


ThisOldGun, It would depend on what kind of sprinkler system they’re running inside the range and how sensitive the system is to that particular type of gunpowder/smoke.


@Wildlife I was born and raised in Ohio before I joined the military. Morrow county.


I don’t think I would want to shoot it indoors.


ThisOldGun, I was thinking the same thing.


If you use real black powder you don’t want to shoot It inside… It smells like rotten eggs or sulfur. Right now I have a.45 cal. Thompson center senica a Lyman great plains hunter a dixie gun work .58 cal and a .50 cal hakin.


Well, 1863 anyhow.

Here is a 1770 assault rifle.



@Stumpkiller We need more pictures of that fine rifle


Muzzle loading rifles are a blast.
And help to clear out the range of excess shooters.
Shoot a bp revolver indoors and you will soon have the range all to yourself.
Crafty thinking, eh wot?


Baby pictures? Can do! 44" swamped barrel, hard to get it all in one shot. Cherry stock, Chambers lock, L.C. Rice barrel. Iron bits forged from old silo straps by John Donelson.


Far more attractive than an AR/AK