Republic Washington to consider becoming a sanctuary city for the 2A

The Police Chief is refusing to enforce the new anti-2A gun law. Good for him. Maybe more cities will follow suit.


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A lot of sheriffs have been saying this.


every government official elected or otherwise should be saying that…


Reminds me of Colorado where just about all police officers don’t bother to enforce mag cap restrictions.

I hear people go to matches with their 30 round mags and shoot right after their local sheriff and no one cares.


Colorado is weird, wasnt that the state , 3-4 years ago that had dems suggesting that cops should not be armed ?


Well, back on track about the sherif in Washington… good for him!


I suspect more of this if the left-wing loons start to make progress on “gun control” and try to infringe further. These sorts of things give me a little hope that at least the remaining of my lifetime I should still be able to exercise my 2A.

Wait for it, Trump may out do him on the economy, foreign policy and general housekeeping if given the chance by congress and re-elected for a second term. Let that sink in for a moment, Trump, may end up being one of the best presidents in the last ~100 yrs. Yea, I actually had to pause a moment while I read what I just typed.



I hope you are right.


Good for Republic, Washington, and the entitlement scumbags will take their budget monies wherever they can grab it to “teach them a lesson.” about standing up for Constitutional rights.

I think the Nuge means well, being the draft dodger in that he cannot elude himself, he tries to do right today.

Now, I gotta look up the details of I-1639. These takers just copy/paste this crap, soon to be near you too.

Wow, that’s a doozy of a legislative Bill/ write up, can’t believe it passed. Reads as much like an Op-Ed piece in Huff-Po as it does a possible draft of 1984. Bizzarrrrooo…


I’m not sure if it’s unconstitutional. The BS is thick with this one, but it’s weakest link is that for newcomers to WA state; the wait period can go from 10 days up to 60, for a FTF FFL purchase. That is an unreasonable wait. Secondly, you are denied purchase completely for felony AND misdemeanor arrest warrants that may be in your name.

However, reading the details of it, there is a shit ton of responsibility, paperwork, and footwork put onto local L.E., to a point of they could all hire (2) extra per County just to handle the paper and computer work in order to keep the wait times reasonable and w/o mistakes. I-1639 actually sets Counties up for substantial lawsuits of all sorts. $$$ and time that NO-ONE has in their budgets.

I’m sure there are gun-grabbers all over the country watching this one.

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Making all semi automatic rifles suddenly into “assault” rifles and requiring a person to be 21 years old to purchase will be a hard one to sell that it is not an infringement.


Yup, unfortunately Wal-Mart and Dicks waded into the 21 year old minimum age waters. Additionally, their language in 1639 is WAY too broad, wandering from pistols, to applying to all firearms, and then back to “semi-automatic assault rifles”.

LE has better things to do, they all know it. So, the kicker here is to watch for our local elected officials to start borrowing some oft is language. I wonder where Chris Cox and the NRA on this so far.


It will be interesting to see… hahahhaa

Maybe we should have a new subject line… people who are pro gun but do nothing really of substance.
Unlike this sheriff who is a true patriot! We need more like him and we need to support them!