Republicans are fighting back. Sorta

There have been two bills introduced by Republicans into the House that look good but I don’t see there will be any effect.
HR 1412 and HR 1397
These instruct the INS and authorities to be informed when an illegal immigrant has a background check performed for a firearm.

I support this bill on the intent however I do not see that there will be any effect. If someone knows they are an illegal immigrant why would they be so inclined to have a background check performed that would reveal that?
Criminals are not that stupid.


The demoncraps have a bill to bar law enforcement from informing ICE when an illegal criminal tries to buy a firearm.

Flush demoncraps like a rotten hangover shit in the bowl.


I have said this before. If the Republicans really wanted to pass some of this legislation, they could have done it when they had the majority in both houses and the presidency. They only talk tough when they know no action can be advanced. That said, they are slightly better than the Democrats.


The R’s & the D’s are batting for the same team, theirs, not ours!


House democrats have already had a meeting about the issue of notifying immigration when an illegal immigrant tries to buy a gun.

Pelosi warned that democrats had to stay together (there was a group of 20 or 30 democrats who supported notifying immigration) and vote as a group. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took it a step further, and threatened to create a list of any democrats who voted for notifying immigration, and turning that list over to radical groups that would work to see that those democrats lost in the 2020 primaries.

As for criminals being stupid, the guy that recently went on a shooting spree when he was told he was fired in Illinois, had a felony record but applied for an Illinois FOID, bought his handgun from a licensed dealer (passed the NICS check), and then applied for an Illinois carry permit. It wasn’t until they did the background check for the carry permit, that his felony record from another state was matched up to him.

They think they have a shot at slipping through the cracks, because some of them occasionally do.


Legislation to get that damned background check we have now to work makes sense.
Forget the fact the current system is broke and make new laws to support a broken system.
Sort of like building a home on toothpicks as a foundation.


Democrats don’t want it to work. They fight against fixing the system, then wait for an incident to come along that shows there is a problem with the system, and claim it as justification for imposing even more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.

News media: Convicted felon goes on shooting spree!

Democrats: We need Universal Background Checks to prevent this from happening again!

Gun owners: But he bought the gun from a licensed dealer and passed the background check. Why was he able to pass the background check, and how will requiring private sales to go through that same system prevent another incident?

Democrats: Gun extremists are fighting against sensible background checks to prevent criminals from getting guns! We must pass legislation requiring background checks on gun purchases!


Last week I was in the gun store in the next town over. There was a hispanic man there who didn’t speak very good english, so the conversation he was having with the salesman went back and forth quite a bit. Apparently, the man did NOT have any ID, he wanted to buy a gun (here in Indiana) and have it sent to Texas. The salesman told him that it could be sent to an FFL in TX for him to pick up. The man didn’t seem to like that answer. So he asked a few more times, apparently hoping for a different answer. The salesman finally asked him if he wanted to fill out the background check paperwork (he had obviously forgotten the man said he didn’t have ID) and the hispanic guy said no and took off running out the store. So I don’t think illegals will get to the point of being reported to ICE in a gun store.


putting aside my tinfoil hat for a moment - you may have witnessed a LibDem’s attempt to purchase a firearm, using the gun show loop hole (yes I know it was a store).
Think about it - why would someone buy something and send it four states away, and pretty sure if he really wanted one locally (as in Texas) he could have one.


That’s what I was thinking too.


Wasn’t it Bloomberg that paid people to go to various gun shows around the country, using hidden cameras to video themselves buying, or at least attempting to buy, guns? As I recall, he then took the videos to Congress, as proof of the ‘gun show loophole’, and while people on the internet were pointing out various federal laws that were broken in the process of making the purchases, there was never any mention of charges being filed.


Years ago, I got stuck waiting in line to renew my driver’s license, behind a guy that either could not speak English, or was pretending to not understand English. The clerk kept telling him, in a mix of English and Spanish, that until he coughed up a green card, he wasn’t getting anything from her. He kept saying (in Spanish) that he had a green card, but had left it at home, then would stand there acting like that meant it was her move.

From what some pilots have told me about their dealings with officials in Central America, it’s possible that he was waiting for her to tell him how large a bribe it would take for the paperwork to be completed without the green card. The corruption is apparently rampant enough that if the official they are talking to is not willing to take a bribe, just dragging things out a bit will often lead to being handed off to someone who is willing to take a bribe, or who has enough authority to make the documentation suddenly be enough.

A pilot who had experience flying charters to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands, said the process was to not make any attempt at speaking Spanish, and wait for an official who spoke reasonably good English to suddenly appear. That official was usually the one that would drop hints about how things could be helped along, and the trick then became a matter of easing into the bribe without calling it a bribe.