Republicans Join Democrats in Advancing Anti-Gun Regulations in Virginia





Can’t trust any of them!
Every single day there’s something being taken bit by bit piece by piece.


Divide and conquer…we should take a lesson from these tactics and start using the same idea against them.


Get used to it. Going down like dominos.


This is what I’ve been saying all along. Don’t trust the republicans to save us.


There are very few politicians that I would trust my rights with when they can make laws to try to restrict them.



For sure, the Republicans are less of a threat than the Democrats. But, the Republicans seem to be the ones pushing the red flag laws. Red flag laws are (to me, at least), very scary since they take the guns of people that have not even committed a crime.

So, agreed, you can’t trust the Republicans or the Democrats, when it comes to gun laws. Which leads to my question: so, now who do we vote for?


If both parties are working against us(as I believe to have been the case for a decade or so) to disarm us, our votes are worthless. WE need new blood to run or we need blood to spill…Not much other effective choices available in my opinion


should be be rephrased to politicians…






I agree with this.

The availability of “New blood” to run for political office however seems to be anemic. Most, it seems to me, that are young “new blood” do not share our general views on guns, liberty and the Constitution. They’ve been through the “institutions of higher mind control.” So the other option is “blood to spill.” I’ll first assume this is metaphorical, meaning only that we need take it to the streets.

But how far are we really willing to go? We, for the most part, consider ourselves “law abiding gun owners.” The problem with that is that we far too willingly abide any new law. But where do we draw the line. I’m in the god forsaken state of Ca. I see what’s going on. I hate it. I vote against it. I write to my representatives. All to no avail.

I watch Antifa and the like commit acts of violence with little to no repercussions. Sure a very few may get arrested and released with minor or no charges filed. They carry that arrest as a badge of honor. But how willing am I to get arrested?

If I carry a 15 round magazine in my edc (Yep. I’m one of the fortunate ones that has a CCW in this wasteland) and get caught at a traffic stop with it, I face losing my guns. Why? I did nothing violent, I only neglected to use my turn signal. But because this is a gun violation I will be prosecuted, branded a criminal and even if I manage to stay out of jail, I lose a bunch of money defending myself, my guns and my wife’s guns, cuz she can’t have them where a felon has access to them.

Antifa and the left have nothing to loose. We do. But this is only true because we don’t have the numbers. Well we do have the numbers and the guns, but we don’t have any real organization. The NRA, CPRA and other gun organizations that I’m aware of do not rally the troops to march. Few of us are willing to really risk our rights and freedom in an pubic display, so we sit and watch them disappear bit by bit.

We need organization and numbers (and a good pair of boots) to stand and be heard. So how do we organize this? I really have no idea. I’m crusty but I’ve got boots and a full tank of fuel to get me to the Capitol steps in Sacramento.


Amen brother.