Republicans who passed gun control


Check this out… the end is near.


It’s foolish to believe that any politician, from either side(not that there’s a difference between the parties), are for the right of we the people, to own or use arms for ANY purpose! They fear us, they fear we will rise up & stop their constitution shredding, illegal, crooked ways. We & our arms stand in the way of their complete tyrannical dominance over us and our right to be a free people! This is why, under NO circumstances, should we EVER comprimise or give up our right to own firearms! It is all that stands between our freedom & their enslaving dictatorship!


@Sarge4206th Wont pass the Senate


I hope and pray you are right sir.
However what i know to be true is a Democratic majority now until some of the socialists start to leave will mean tyranny.
Be on alert and be ready.


The Dems have the majority in the house. Repubs have majority in the senate.


yes i’m aware, trend says 2020 they get the presidency and possibly the senate with the current trend.


Agree. We have the Dems full force against us and Republicans refusing to fight for our rights. They may slow the progress of the gun grabbers, but they are still retreating.
The irony is that they wouldn’t need to fear us if they would just do their jobs and defend the Constitution.
But they’re not doing that… so they fear us. And they’re doing exactly the shit that motivates us so that their fear is justified.


Disagree mate. Have you been paying attention? :wink: The democratic party is so far left and batshit crazy now even the moderates in their party arent happy with what’s going on. Hell even Devil Woman Pelosi herself hates Cortez. I do not think Trump loses 2020. The senate stays with Republican control and I bet we win back some House seats once America gets a full taste of what the Dems are putting out now.


Na Ted Cruz 2020. lol


History says this is when we bend to socialism… it always happens this way without a revolution. Read about the fall of all countries.
We we do too well people get lazy…Then they vote for Hillary or Cortez. Mark my words. Don’t get comfortable. Its coming sooner than you think.


Hillary is done otherwise you would be seeing some pre-election posturing.
AOC on the other hand …
But maybe in the time she will either mature and learn to be a leader or her political stupidity and youth will get her thrown under the wheels or fed to the Horde by the real politicians.