Researching what I'll need to reload 9x25 Dillon

So, what else do I need to go from nothing to a live firing round? Also, where do you all get your brass? I wanna think more economically getting the most brass for the least $$$ as I will want to shoot a ton.

  • Caliber Conversion Kit (not included with the base unit)
  • Die set (dies are not included with the base unit)
  • Powder scale
  • Reloading Handbook
  • Dial caliper
  • Case lube (for bottleneck cartridges)
  • Dillon dies, which are designed for high speed use.

To change calibers (10mm to 9x25 Dillon), you will need:

  • A Die set for the new caliber.
  • A Caliber Conversion Kit.

I get my brass from local indoor ranges. $2 a pound unsorted.

Only thing that jumps out as far as equipment is a primer pocket cleaner.


Dillon recommends to not use used brass due to cracking pretty easily.

Thanks for the heads up on the primer pocket cleaner! :cowboy_hat_face:


Necked down brass needs to be annealed to help prevent neck crack.