Respect for smiths that worked on these


Was gifted one a long time ago and forgot about it. It was rusted and had a very sluggish action. That is why I put it away and decided to tackle it later.

Cleaning some stuff out I found it… and thought that “later” is here. Started to take it apart only to notice how small those pins are… Respect to those that worked on these…

Have some watchband pin punches ordered… in 0.7, 0.8 and 0.9 mm diameters.


H&R, .32?


have to change that




Had to be you :woozy_face:


Cylinder doesnt match… :frowning:


The grips were a giveaway.




I have one in 38 S&W! All matching parts and in pretty excellent shape for its age. A ton of fun to shoot too


I bet. But this one needs some TLC.


Oh man, that would be an awesome project. My vote is to build it up.


My very first revolver was something similar.
I used nails to remove the pins and even to make replacement pins.
They worked just fine in the days before we could find gunsmithing tools on the internet.


I didn’t even think nails. Awesome!
I just got the punches today. They are tiny. We will see if I can get the thing apart.


You are a master!!!
That was the fastest restoration with the most authentic results I have ever seen.


That is a good lookin’ revolver!


That would be interesting. To see this revolver in modern finish, etc.


So I am a little stuck.
If anyone has disassembled these all the way, what is the order of removal of parts in the frame?

I still have the hammer and strut in there, the trigger, hand, sear, springs, and cylinder stop bar.
Didn’t want to mess anything up given how small some of the parts look. Decided to change things up and ask for help, rather than proceed on my own.

Would appreciate advice.


So… I guess I was thinking right. I get the book tomorrow so I will double check. Now I dont know how to get the firing pin out, unless the recoil “bushing” is meant to come out.


Got the firing pin out.


By the way, posted about this revolver on a local thread and was gifted 2 more of these.

One that is in parts - haven’t done the assessment on what is missing yet.

The other “they” could not get into…

Not sure why they decided to use a bulldozer to remove that hammer stud cap… those scratches will be easy to remove though.


Well its easy to see why, they forgot the BFH