Respect for smiths that worked on these


Here is the message they sent me:

Hi there, are you interested free 2 antiques non functioning SW .32 Hammerless lemon squeezer?

Ist one is intact because the the hammer stud nut is stripped badly.

2nd one is disassembled , I think the firing pin spring and hand spring and front sight are missing.

Let me know.

I asked for pictures.
Sent me this:

afvbtKrm IGUIBQrm

How could I say no to these?


Why would you anyhow? :sunglasses:


Well, I needed to know he actually had them. That is why the picture request.


Took literally 5 minutes.


I expect some gold plating when your done, and an extended magazine, AND, forward grip :grin:


Light rail first.


In all seriousness, when dealing with very badly stripped screws and assuming there is enough material left to prop a small punch against, setting the punch off center an an angle in a counterclockwise direction and delivering a few sharp taps may get the screw going.

First thing I tried and it worked.


Well done. A good exhibition of "smithing skills in restorations.


Bravo my friend
Mosin I don’t understand why you don’t get a ffl
And open your own shop
Your work is impeccable and I reference your videos often when I need to
Giunsmithing is a dying trade we say but you have a true talent


Thanks guys. I am in Los Angeles County where I dont believe I have any chance of starting a home based FFL business.

I plan on moving sometime next year, buying a house with space for a workshop and applying for licenses, including a CCW license that I also cannot currently get.


Awesome, where ya headed?


For now the plan is to move to a different county (Ventura). Cant abandon my job.


Come down to Orange. Easy to get your CCW.


Ventura is the same from what I hear. Wife likes it up there. My drive is going to suck though…


Sucks Yiur Faulk behind enemy lines