Restore the Right Bear Arms in FL

In 2017 The Florida Supreme Court ruled that:

Chapter 790 permits individuals to carry firearms in public, so long as the firearm is carried in a concealed manner. Pursuant to section 790.06, Florida employs a “shall issue” scheme for issuing licenses to carry concealed firearms in public. See id. Under this licensing scheme, which leaves no discretion to the licensing authority, the licensing authority must issue an applicant a concealed carry license, provided the applicant meets objective, statutory criteria. Id. Accordingly, as the Fourth District observed in explaining the breadth of Florida’s “shall issue” licensing scheme, the right of Floridians to bear arms for self-defense outside of the home is not illusory…

Norman v. State, 215 So. 3d 18, 21-22 (Fla. 2017)

The State of Florida has now suspended Concealed Carry Licensing. See Agriculture Commissioner “Nikki” Fried 's (D) order shutting down Concealed Carry licensing and providing an automatic expiration extension of 30 days for existing licensees.

In 1987 the National Instant Check System (NICS) did not exist and criminal history records were not as available by computer as they are today. The fingerprinting requirement for Concealed Carry licensing is no longer necessary.

We call on the Governor to waive the fingerprinting requirement and expedite concealed carry licensing or, if the Department of Agriculture is unable to process Concealed Carry Licenses quickly, suspend enforcement of Florida’s Concealed Carry and Open Carry Bans.

These laws are only constitutional if licensing is available.

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Are you sure you read this carefully? It says the Department of Agriculture is not authorized to do fingerprinting right now. Other agencies and businesses can still do it. Fried is trying to minimize contact between government employees and the public, which is somewhat hysterical but not out of line with what everyone else is doing.

The remainder of the directives look like they were drafted to make things easier on us, not harder.

I had very low expectations when this woman was elected, and I voted against her, but this order looks really good. Shocking.

She’s allowing people to get permits without taking in-person classes. That’s hard to believe. Maybe DeSantis is the one who wrote this order.


Its an email I relayed and not something that I have read carefully no,

Fl Carry has a weird way of accepting, or not accepting, help, but I still pass the torch for the sake of the cause.


Isn’t that what the media does, the one we’re always complaining about?
Sloppy and inaccurate reporting?


I’ll need you to spell out for me what that means as I don’t know that to be the case

To my knowledge they never did them, you get them taken via your local LEO and mail them in


Here is my wild guess, based on how bureaucrats think. The department offered this service, and even though no one uses it, department employees went to Fried and asked her to suspend it so the danger of infection would fall on the cops.

I have never heard of anyone going to the Department of Agriculture to get fingerprinted. If this order hadn’t come out, I wouldn’t know about it now.


@Robert, @Floyd_R_Turbo

Ok, it has been almost 10 years for me (in Florida), but I don’t recall ever going to a police station for any reason, including finger printing. I am pretty sure they did the finger printing at the same place as where I filled out the paper work and got my renewal.


I went to a local police station.


…in a van, down by the river.



Was that in Florida?

Every state has its own way of handling the processing of concealed carry permits.




I had done Sheriff Dept in Port Charlotte but believe Fort Myers had a walk in with digital fingerprints option, I’d just rather print and mail than go to Ft Myers


So, it looks like every county has its own way of handling it.