Review of the Sight-Pro Sight pusher

Ok, I am working on developing my product review format. My latest video dropped and I wanted to get some feedback from the Forum on thoughts, comments, criticisms, etc.


Why no mention price?

You mention the shoes are 25.00 but not the pusher itself

The outtakes at the end are my favorite :grin:


I mentioned the price in a roundabout way. “It is a professional grade tool at a professional grade price.”

But you are right, the price was in an earlier version but for some reason, I cut it out.

Outtakes, I actually enjoy doing that part of the video the most. I should just start the camera one time and ramble on just to see what I come up with for and outtake video :crazy_face:. There are a lot of outtakes that don’t make it in.


Personally, I tend to avoid mentioning the price. I would rather people click the link in the description which helps move traffic to that companies site. Besides, if that price should change at some point, that video can’t be changed to reflect that.

Just my 2 cents


Thanks for the awesome review @TheRogueBanshee

I completely understand why a Producer would not want to mention price. Prices vary and folks would get butt hurt about it, blowing up the comments, and convoluting the spirit of the review. I’m just a consumer though and do like to comparison shop and price items with other consumers. To that end, I mean no offense with the following:

I bought this very pusher and several shoes back in 2018 from Brownells. I got tired of having multiple sight pushers that only worked with one model firearm. This was a buy once, cry once item that seemed always just a little out of reach for the non-gunsmith. Retail was upwards of $400+ for the pusher alone when these hit the market (keep in mind as a consumer I have a small worldview so this number may be off), but Brownells had them steeply discounted and I jumped. Here’s a snip of my order back in July of '18:

I thought $280 was fair and reasonable at the time, especially since I know I’d paid $100-$150 for each model specific pusher I currently owned. I also used a $20 promo code and they were offering free shipping. So I was all in on the above delivered to my front door for $371.90 :+1:

As soon as I bought this I sold the individual pushers I currently had for more than I had in the Sight-Pro and shoes. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve never regretted the purchase and have never looked back. It works great if you pay close attention to what you’re doing.

For the firearms enthusiast just looking to do their own sights, this is the one pusher to rule them all. Just like @TheRogueBanshee said, this pusher has never failed me either in two years running (even with blasted XDM sights!). I do always put it in the vise though -just easier not having to hold the thing while you crank, plus you can focus your attention on the sight itself.

While I was at Brownells looking through my order history I took note the pusher is on sale right now for $279. And this whole thing reminds me there’s a couple of shoes (they run $16-$20 typically) on my wish list.

Overall, I would say at this price point the purchase is a no brainier. The thing will easily pay for itself in 3-5 sets of sights you are able to put on yourself. There’s also a way to get free shoes. I’ve had a couple of friends and family members want to put sights on a firearm and I didn’t have their model shoe. They buy and bring the new shoe and it gets left when they leave. :grinning:


I was like… oooo he knows something I don’t then I read the next sentence

And realized that I already did that for my P365 shoe! :smile: