Review: UTG 30 round mags

Just a note on UTG magazines (spoiler) if you want to save some $ and get a quality polymer magazine. Short story… It’s a nice magazine.

I saw them advertised for <$5; 1/2 the price of MagPul Mags when they are on sale for $10 if you buy 10 or more. So I bought a bunch of the UTGs based on the reviews. Now one might expect them to work 1/2 as good as a mag from a manufacturer we know for $2x + the price of the UTG mags but that isn’t the case thus far. So far they work every bit as good as any other quality mag that I own.

I have NOT used them for a 30 round mag full of heavy bulleted 300BLK loads. But I really don’t expect sub par performance there either. I also haven’t tried them with .50 Beowulf and they might not work there since I bend the mag lips of those metal mags to better present the big .50s to the chamber for feeding. But I also have never tried any other polymer (aka plastic) mag with the .50 Beowulf.

Mine are black and frankly I have no idea if other colors are offered. The polymer is rigid and appears quite rugged, but I didn’t do any drop or destructive tests on them since I can’t survive any drops tests myself anymore. They have a matte finish and additional texturing for grip, The matte flat surface has an extremely fine but “pebbled” finish and there are raised rectangles, ribs, and nubs if the surface finish isn’t enough to grab onto. There is a clear window on each side that visually shows the rounds remaining in the following increments, 15, 20,25,30. The base plate appears rugged and has small ribs on the underside with slots (for cords? I dunno.). It appears to be a very well made magazine. The base plate is retained by 2 cutouts in it and matching nubs on the polymer retainer between the spring and base plate. Push one nub up and they both go up. They disassemble easily but not accidentally. Assembly is just as easy to accomplish. The follower is anti-tilt. Since everything except the spring is polymer it has inherent lubricity and the internal action is slick.

I haven’t had mine for years (only months) so I don’t know about longevity, but I’d be very surprised if they aren’t as good as any other quality polymer magazine.

My only criticism of them is that it took so long for them to enter the market. If they had shown up years ago I could have saved LOTS(!) of $ . A real criticism? I really can’t find anything to criticize on them. They work fine, feel fine, the price is right, end of review.

Now how about some 20s and 10s? :yep:


UTG Leapers makes some pretty good stuff. i have a lot of things by them and all have been flawless. I broke a scope cover on one of their scopes a few years back by dropping it. i called CS and explained it was my fault and would like to buy another one. Lady said nah, give my your address and we’ll send you one. and they did.


Put a couple of bug buster scopes on the grandkids 10-22 TDs years ago. Still work great.


I’ve had the same experience with their stuff too. I have lots of UTG/Leapers items. I used to mock them 'cause what’s in a name, right? Anyway. it’s all been flawless, works nicely, and doesn’t break the bank.