Rex zero 1 issue


I bought a Rex zero 1 after first hearing about it and seeing it in action on MAC’s video with the legion. I’ve had it about a month and this past week it was sent back to fime group. After all the hype on it I figured it would be useful to have some info out there on issues that it has. Let me start by saying this…I love my Rex. It has been 100% reliable so far. However, it is shooting about 3-4” high at 10 yards and almost 1 foot high at 25 yards. I originally thought it was me and spent time trying to correct. After letting the range master shoot it he experienced the exact same thing. Tight groupings…but all high. 3-4” at 10 yards is unnaceptable. So I contacted fime group (US distributor) and explained everything to them. I also sent them pictures of targets with the groupings shot by the range master. They quickly agreed to accept it under warranty. By the way, I had a gun smith look at the sights just to make sure it wasn’t something simple…they looked good. Hopefully this is just a fluke and in no way represents the quality of the firearm but we will see what fime group has to say about it once they receive it. I’ll keep you all updated. Again, I love my Rex but hate to have to go through this on a 600 dollar gun that so far, is known for quality.

Side note…fime group has a 50/50 policy that says the owner is responsible to ship the firearm in for warranty issues and they will ship it back. $135.00 to have it shipped through ups (2nd day air required from NC to NV). So I went through my ffl who can legally ship it ground (30 bucks). But now they will have to ship it back to the ffl and I will have to pay a transfer fee…


The Rex Zero 1S isn’t particularly known for it’s accuracy. If I were you I’d get rid of it (would never have bought it in the first place). Sell the Rex, get a LH9N MKII and call it the day. Trust me, you’ll love the Lionheart.


I’ll definitely take that into consideration. I like the LH9. Seems like everyone who has one loves it. I think how this situation is handled will make up my mind. If it comes back like it should in a timely manner, I may keep it because I do love the gun. Fits my hand well (after the g10’s were installed) and I love the trigger in SA. I guess we’ll see!

Thanks for the input


I would be interested to know where your information on the Rex Zero1 has come from. I’ve looked a many many reviews and have yet to see one that mentioned accuracy issues.


I too have never heard of an accuracy issue. I’ve only heard good things about the Rex after quite a bit of research. I’m sure MAC would attest to its reliability and accuracy. Along with others. That’s why I decided on the Rex.


I am so sorry! I just remember I had a major brainfart: the Hudson is inacccurate!
Things aside, reports on the Rex are coming in abut slides not locking back, issue with the mag release etc. I’ll not attest to it. The LH9 has a proven military track record and is simply amazing. Best pistol on the market hands down. There’s tons of torture tests out there and the specs speak for themselves. Serious quality raw materials go in to it and machining is second to none.


Wow. Sorry you’re having issues with your ReX. I’ve found it to be a great accurate gun after putting new grips on it. I hope they get that worked out for you.


I never even touched a ReX Zero, but I have never heard of issues with the pistols that look like it (CZ99, P226). In fact, those two are supposed to be very accurate.

What did they change?


Sorry to hear about your problem. In all likelihood it is a tolerance issue with the slide and barrel. My Rex works fine and is accurate, so I’m learning towards it was built at 4:30 on a Friday. Good luck and please update us on how it shoots when you get it back.


I just got a Rex zero 1 and it seems to shoot just fine did you get yours back if you did what did they find wrong with it Thanks Glen


Long story short, they never really fixed the issue. When I got the gun back they said they replaced the sights and tested it and it was shooting perfect. When I shot it it was still shooting high just like before. I contacted them again and they just said to ship it back in. It’s 65 cost on me every time I do that so I decided not to. I’m able to compensate (aim low) and can keep pretty tight groupings. It’s unfortunate that I have to do this with a gun so well known for quality and accuracy. But I can’t afford to keep shipping it back to them over and over (and have to wait 1-2 months every time)