Rifle failure-to-feed drills

Abner Miranda’s strategy to clear rifle jams is:

  1. Extract the mag forcefully.
  2. Rack repeatedly with the magwell facing down until clear.
  3. Reinsert the mag and tug it.
  4. Rack and chamber.

I tried practicing this with an empty mag in my backyard, and I discovered that traditional forged lowers have a bunch of rough spots right where the weight of the rifle is balanced on my middle finger’s knuckle. That’s where the trigger guard is pinned, close to the main grip.

Lowers with built-in trigger guards like the Aero Precision’s M4E1 enhanced forging, or guns where the grip is combined with the trigger guard like Daniel Defense, eliminate the rough spots and are much more comfortable on the knuckle supporting the weight of the gun.

Tactical gloves obviously solve the issue, but it’s like ear protection: not exactly minuteman-ready. I’m tempted to try putting some caulking or something there to smooth things out. Any suggestions?


Ah, I was trying to maintain my shooting grip all the way. Abner is taking his shooting hand off and racking with that hand. That would help reduce knuckle wear.


new grip or grip tape?