Rifle-length AR's



Ha! I was just talking with my coworker this morning about wanting a 20” traditional, Vietnam War era looking retro AR15. Coincidence? I think not.


Same here. A retro AR is definitely on my list.


I would get one just to mount in the HUMVEE


Supposedly the rifle length gas set up is more reliable and causes less wear-and-tear on the guts then the carbine or midlength gas system. I have no experience really with them but it does makes sense. I would like to point out though that 20" barrels make ARs feel very nose heavy and they dont point nearly as fast for me.


One of the reasons you do not run a heavy barrel on them. Though I like the setup with an 18 inch… hahhaha


I put one together with a heavy barrel, and it does feel nose heavy, so I wanted to try a lighter profile on a 20". I don’t really like the idea of a going too light, so an A1 profile was out. The A2 profile just seems odd to me, since the section under the handguards was kept to a similar diameter as the A1, to allow attachment of an M203.

Didn’t seem to be much other choice for a 20", so I bought a chambered blank and profiled it like an A2, but with a little heavier profile under the handguards (I think I went with 0.780", but I’d have have to measure it to be sure). With an A2 stock, M4 upper receiver and a carry handle installed, it balances at about the delta ring, which works for me.