Rifle slings and QD swivels

Magpul QDM swivels

Two point attach and release, a bit of a learning curve, so far I’m liking them, versus the traditional push button single point attach and release,




I’m not real big on single point slings, I prefer a 2-point sling, with that said, having the convertible is a nice feature.


Me too, something around your neck in a hand to hand situation is bad juju.
Every rifle I have has an two point, one hand adjustable slings.


One thing I learned about the rapid adjustable slings, like the Blue Force Gear VCAS, is that if it’s made out of cotton and gets wet and muddy, it becomes almost impossible to adjust. The cotton expands when wet, making the adjusting buckle very difficult to slide and move along the sling. The reason for the adjustability is so I can cinch it down tight to my body if I need the use of both hands to climb a tree, ladder or fence. I then need to re-adjust to loosen it.

I also have a Viking Tactical VTAC padded two point sling. I got it thinking the padding would make it a bit more comfortable carrying it long distances. But what I noticed is that no matter how I adjust it, the padding never rests on my shoulders, which bear the brunt of the weight. If my rifle is slung diagonally in front of me, the padding runs across my back. If the rifle is on my back, the padding runs across my chest - but never on my shoulders. I just thought that was odd. Not sure if other padded slings are like that, though.

As for the quick detach, I opted to add a “quick detach” buckle to my Blue Force Gear. It’s not as quick and convenient as the ones pictured in the original post, but it works. Main reason I got it is because of the trouble I was having swinging my rifle from the back to the front and vice versa without it getting caught on my backpack or camelback. Most of the time, it would get caught and would even hang up on something when trying to remove it from my neck. The detaching buckle helps really well when that happens, but it can sometimes be hard to reach the buckle if its caught in a weird position behind my back with the sling cinched down tight.

Anyway, just thought I’d add my limited experiences with slings.