Riley Defense

My first exposure to this company was through their original cast version AKM. Plenty of people swore off this company, and nobody wanted to touch them., Personally. They had some issues, and like a company that wants to stick around. Listened to what customers were saying and began to improve their products.
Are they perfect? NO. Are they YOUR GO TO? Maybe not. Is it a WASR? No. Are they worth a shot? I gave them two. Each time I have been satisfied.
Customer support is great and you can literally call the guys and talk to them like regular people. Should you need them. They are quick to right a wrong.
The rifle in this series of videos has since been torn down and rebuilt featuring a Polish Radom Cold Hammer Forged barrel. The components of the rifle now have over 6000 rounds through them.

I encourage you all to form your own opinions and join the discussion below. This is a company that will deal with us as an ally, not as an enemy. Do you own one? what do you think?


It’s nice when a company is willing to listen to its customers.

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