Rob Ski from AKOU and Shadow 2!


Hi guys, happy to join Full30 forum. For some strange reason wasn’t really aware of it…:wink:
Hope to see few more categories.
I love AK rifles, but because of my background, I love precision shooting as well, that’s why Shadow 2 channel was created.
If anyone will be this week at Ft Benning, let me know, we can maybe meet, I will be at International Sniper Competition there!

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Hell yeah! Welcome to the forum brother!


Welcome to Full30!


Took you long enough Brother!
Welcome to the forum!
Thank you @Robert for the invite.


Welcome to Full30 @Rob_Ski Good to have you here.




Well finnaly you are here and I am happy you are
This is a good group of folks rob
I think you and I are the only people from ak files here
Welcome brother


Welcome @Rob_Ski
Great to have you here!


Welcome to the forum @Rob_Ski


Welcome to FULL30


Welcome @Rob_Ski , big fan of your work. Hope to see some more AR15 videos from you in the near future. Your BCM and PSA videos were some good stuff :+1:


Just added your channels link to the member approved channels thread.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Welcome !


Right on brother! I’m glad you found us. Welcome to the forum.


Excellent! Very excited to see you here!


Welcome to the Forum.


Welcome to Full30 !


We are going to have to put a cap on AK guys after this. We can’t remain a hermit minority if people keep coming in that like them. Lol. Welcome to the forum Rob.