Robinson Armament XCR Test Pistol


So our test pistol arrived today via FEDEX… I immediately replaced the pistol grip… the mil spec units suck with XL hands. I prefer the Magpul MOE + grip myself, but the K works well and so does the Spikes Tactical grip. Though it is a bit fatter.
Anyway… it is a test pistol with the side folder and the Tail Hook. The way they blended an AK, an AR and a FAL all together is very nice really. We are going to run a lot of crap ammo through the 9.5 inch barrel, probably trash it a bit… throw on a suppressor and see how it runs, and of course we will Cerakote it.
Some of the things I just love about the Robinson Armament;
Adjustable gas block.
AK type piston drive
Left side charge non reciprocating charge handle with forward assist
FN FAL type break open action, then take down pin like AR
Heavy 3 lug bolt
Ambi safety and mag release AR style and placement.
Side folding stock / brace that’s adjustable.
Light weight feel, very pointable.
Field changable barrel.

More to come



I’m interested to hear about this. There’s not too much out there about the XCR.

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Yeah… they have a funny advertising policy. Hard to get the name out there if you do not sell to wholesalers…
I will be stripping the rifle down, posting photos, etc. on this one as we Cerakote it. Then also posting videos of test firing etc.
I personally love the setup if it proves to work well. We have working on them before, both in customizing and Cerakote, and we know a distributor who is out of Utah that really likes them.



Ok… range day… finally.



My voice was cracking because my nuts were in my chest…
But, first mag in 20°F weather. The rifle was cold, transported it in the Humvee…



So the blow back is an issue… Robinson said they were sending me an 11 inch barrel to try out.
They have not sent it yet… hahhahaha



Still waiting on the barrel… :roll_eyes: