Roku app development?


I’m sure this has been asked before on Facebook but considering the fact that just about every little podunk church in the country has a Roku channel, it must not be all that difficult to make so any chance we’ll ever see one for Full30? (I’m sure the Amazon Fire, Chrome Stick, Yahoo SmartTV users and those heathens using the Apple TV would like one too).

Until I can sit on the couch in the living room and watch videos on the TV instead of my computer, Full30 won’t be my primary method of watching these videos (and I can’t be alone in that).

And I hate YouTube and would love to dump them in favor of someone that’s not openly our enemy.

Thanks! :grin:


I totally agree. I use my ROKU for almost all of my streaming needs. I would love to be able to access Full30 through ROKU.


I use a computer too much at work! So, when I get home I don’t want to sit in front of another computer. Probably more than 95% of what I watch is through ROKU while sitting on a comfortable chair.

Being able to watch FULL30 videos through ROKU would be great!


In light of the difficulties pro-2nd amendment channels are having on YouTube, a Roku channel for would be very welcome. I hope the site considers it.


With the recent Parkland, FL mass shooting we’re under attack again. YouTube appears to be on the verge of flat-out banning gun channels. I share the same feelings about watching videos as several others here. I’m not really wild about sitting in front of a computer and would really like a streaming channel on Roku. As someone else noted, there are a load of Roku channels for churches so channel development can’t be that tough. How about getting it done?


To add to this also add for XBOX One and PS4 as that’s where do I most of my viewing of online media content.


Would like to put my vote in for a Roku app. Its a absolute must to be a true streaming channel.


Add my vote, especially now that YT is on an anti-guns crusade. I consume a lot of this content through the native YT app on my AppleTV and Roku, and would like to continue watching on the big screen.


99% of my streaming video viewing is done via a Roku. I wholeheartedly agree that Full 30 should have an app on Roku. Hell, even my barber has a Roku hunting channel as a side gig.


Come on, guys. This has been on request for a year. Set up a Roku channel so I can watch your videos on my big screen. I sit in front of my computer at work all day and I don’t want to sit in front of one at home or watch on a tablet or phone. You guys need to set up casting to streaming devices in general, not solely Roku. This isn’t rocket surgery :wink:


The main feature youtube has for me is the ability to queue up videos on my phone and watch them on my TV

Until the day comes that full30 has a chromecast capable phone app, full30 will remain unusable.


There is a method for the developer of the channel to obtain an access code members could enter to gain access as a private channel. It would not appear in the streaming channel list, you have to have the code.


One more vote for the Roku app.

90% of my viewing is on Roku.


Roku connectivity, big amen to that!


I with you. Been looking for a Roku App. Hope that it comes soon.


I wholeheartedly support this suggestion!


I agree, but full30 should go to Apple & Amazon as well. They have the most subscribers and more viewing time than most other platforms to my knowledge.


I tried to contact Full30 in regard to creating a Roku channel but to do so, you must make a reCAPTCHA entry for the message to be submitted. reCAPTCHA which is owned by Google has been disabled by Google on the Full30 website. That is GOOGLE who also owns Youtube. Full30, Why are you using the services of a Google product? You are competing with them, they do not want you to succeed.


a roku channel would be great


I know this is an old post, but I would really love a Roku channel.