Romanian PSL-54 in stock!!!


Get them while they are hot!!!


I was going to post this earlier but I felt really bad for people now
When I bought my kit it was 369.00 from J&g sales
And I bought 15 mags for 18 dollars a piece
It’s sad there 70 dollars now


Should have bought a bunch when they were like $400 at Atlantic…


@switchpod are you and I the only ones here that have one ?
Scince it’s a psl thread


I think so. No one else has ever said they had one since April. As far as I know it’s just you and me Brother.

I wanted to get the word out. I realize that $2,000.00 is a lot of money, but look at how much they are now!
You got a parts kit for ~400.00, I got a complete one for $800.00. Now they are commanding $2,000! Yikes. @Mister_Torgue I wish you had $2,000.00 to drop on one. “ I know he wants one”


@Mister_Torgue was wanting a vepr 54r but this is a comparable rifle
I heard about these coming a month or 2 ago
And said ouch when I saw the price


I’d love to have one but not at that price.


That’s my take on it too. My only fear is what the price will be I another ten years?


You won’t be able to get them in 10 years
From my understanding all the tooling was destroyed that the used to make them
Don’t quote me in that but I’m pretty sure that’s the word


Well don’t tell me that! Now I want two!!!


That’s what I heard brother
That’s one of the reasons the mags are 70 dollars a peice as well


I’m currently trying not to buy more of them.


That’s a hard pill to swallow brother


And just like that! They where gone!


@switchpod. Ahahahah Ahahahaha there was a feeding frenzy over at the files
They have been talking about them for about a month and a half it’s a 7 or 8 page thread


Well easy come, easy go I guess!


Ouch, that’s one expensive but badass rifle. Would like the VEPR over it though.


I just took this photo
Maybe they wanted to see how fast the first batch was gonna go


Vepr is more accurate…


Very true
It’s better built has a thicker receiver and a reinforced trunion
I own one of those as well