Romanian PSL-54 in stock!!!


They are back in stock! Get them now…$3,000? WTF!

Common man you really raised the price by a thousand dollars?!?


I was gonna send this to you earlier lmao
I saw mags were a 100 now if you can find them


What the mother fuck is that shit!

If 7.62x54r VEPRs get that expensive Imma be PISSED.


It’s gonna happen
You better jump on one and ammo before you can’t get either at all


Holiday price break!!! $100.00 off the PSL


To think I traded mine for an AR15 a few years ago…:man_facepalming:t2:


That sucks, but I’m sure all of us here has a story like that.


Attention everyone! Classic firearms is giving away a Romanian PSL-54!!!

Link is dead. Contest is over.


That might be an ok trade depending on who built the AR15.


Spikes iirc…but it was loaded with good stuff…worth it at the time. Not now :confused:


Shit happens, hopefully the Spikes is at least good to you. The AK market is getting pretty crazy.


The Spikes has been great…thankfully I’ve kept 2 AKs; a SAR-1, and an excellent WASR believe it or not. Wish I’d have kept both of the FEG AMDs I let go of…sigh.


SAR-1 you say! Nice😁