Rotary tool vs normal drill

Hey yall

Question for ya metal types, maybe this fits in gunsmith maybe not…

So why would a guy like me buy a dremmel Rotary type tool when I could use the bits in my drill? I doubt I’ll use the tool much but for cutting small things, it could work precision where my Sawsall would cause a lot of problems and be all over the place.

I could see myself flap disking off ends of long screws and such but not much more.

Also I don’t have much use for an angle grinder

But already have a battery and corded drill

Rpms matter?

Control I suppose, smaller handle I could see for the rotary

Not really using it on guns yet


rotary tool being smaller - good ones tend to be an adjustable variable speed plus designed to be used in a linear fashion (held like a pencil) where most drills are held like a pistol.


Yeah, I guess I’m trying to save a few dollars idk, my dad had a few drill things that he’d use before their time I spose, maybe a hedge trimmer attachment,… He was a machinist and did tool and di stuff, worked at mercury motors and skag to name a couple, all around handy guy. I’m not really that, fix stuff and tinker from time to time, probably better with computers


You listed the reasons @0null00 - detail work being easier to do with a smaller tool that is more comfortable and easier to control when it comes to work where control matters a lot.


As far as gunsmithing the rotary tool is needed and nice to have one you learn how to use it effectively
But that said many a hack job has come from bubbas with it


Detail work that’s made possible by the size and the variety of tools coupled with the extreme RPM range. With the addition of a mini Dremel press it makes a versatile tool even more so. One with which I have done many jobs that other tools just wouldn’t have done, or at least as well. Very happy I have one.


Dremmels and duct tape are life


I have used a dremmel for a long while. And finally got a foredom.