Ruger Firearms

Why does a Ruger 22 Charger TD ( LITE ) version weigh more than a standard version ? and it’s $150 more ? really ? the new PC Charger 9mm even weighs more than a CZ Scorpion…makes no sense to me why they cannot make it a pound lighter even if it costs more, AR15’s are down to 4.5 lbs and less and this 9mm weighs over 5lbs ?


The Ruger PC has a giant tungsten weight in bolt. It’s nice for recoil management, but heavy for sure.


It is still way to heavy…should not be much over 4 lbs. at most. I wanted to get another Charger 22 TD and looked at the Lite version, then I looked at Ruger’s specs and the Lite version is heavier and I was like WTF…makes zero sense. I still want another Charger and will probably just buy a non TD version at a way lower cost, add a arm brace and red dot and call it done.