Ruger Ranch 7.62x39


I just bought a new Ruger Ranch 7.62x39 that uses Mini14 magazines…now for a scope…


Pics or it didn’t happen! :cowboy_hat_face:


did you know you could download the Nikon ballistic app from the Google Play Store? That’s what I did. I’d look through all of their Scopes set the info of what scope, make in weight of bullet and then calculated to get where the bullet drop compensation would be for every scope they make. After doing a bunch of playing around on their app, I ended up getting the Nikon prostaff 5 BDC scope. Ballistically the reticle magnification doesn’t change the bullet’s point of impact with the first focal plane scope.


IF you want less magnification, here’s another option


Thanks…I will try and stay around 250 if I can…it does not need a lot…


out of curiosity, how far are you looking to use it? Before I installed the prostate 5, I had just a less expensive single cross hair Nikon buckmaster on it. 3.4inches high at 100yds, dead on at 200yds. 8 Inches low at 300yards.


[quote=“LonewolfMcQuade, post:3, topic:6255”]
Did you know you could download the Nikon ballistic app from the Google Play Store? [/quote]

You can also just go to

I made a little waterproof paper insert for my scope cap. But my Prostaff only works at 9X.


that’s exactly what I did, but I’m good throughout the magnifications with the first focal plane


It will mostly be a toolbox rifle…I may play with it at 300 or more just because ammo is so cheap…will also be a woods gun for Deer and may get some use for Coyote hunting…


Awesome, it’s a great, accurate rifle.check out a Nikon Buckmaster 2 scope on Amazon is pretty affordable in your price range


Did you find a scope yet?


I put a M223 Nikon 1x4 on it…and it is such a great shooter…1.5 inch groups at 100 with steel case ammo…amazing, Ruger really got it right…sorry I did not post earlier it is Duck/Goose season and I get kinda crazy when it comes in, lol…


Awesome! They most certainly got it right with this gun , pretty damn accurate with affordable steel cased ammo… Good luck with the bird hunting sir!


It is a rifle everyone should have…a lot of +'s for the money…