Run & Gun in Central Texas this May - Class on Friday if you want to ease on in! Plus training giveaway!


Ever heard of run and guns? They’re a 5 (ish) mile course, carrying your rifle, pistol, ammo, and gear with you, and shooting rifle and pistol stages along the way. They’re a lot of fun and quite addicting!

We have an event coming up in Central Texas in May, May 18th or 19th to be precise. It will be hosted at the amazing Lone Star Armory Training Center.

Event page with more info & registration

First run and gun? Want to get in some practice first? Join us Friday, May 17th before the Run & Gun for a class specifically for Run and Guns.

Run & Gun Class info and registration

There’s even a giveaway for free attendance to the workshop (or 4 hours of remote coaching if you can’t attend).

I’m very happy to answer any questions about Run & Guns if you have any. They’re addicting and a great way to learn about yourself as a shooter and become better with your tools.


Man I wanna be able to do one of these so bad. When I do it’ll be more like a walk and gun due to the paper mache knees. Haha.

Thanks for sharing!!


Most people walk and gun, so you’d be in good company!

You should make the trip! We’ve had people come from Florida and even Hawaii to these run and guns.

They’re quite addicting and well worth the trip IMO. I’m going to get out to Kentucky at some point for one even though I can go to some within an hour and a half from me.

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Cannot make it this year but I hope my wife and I can do it next year! It looks like a ton of fun. :cowboy_hat_face:


We’ll have more events in the fall, hopefully you can make it to that one!

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I hope so! Gotta find a babysitter. :slight_smile:

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