Run & Gun Symposium - 2 days. 3 instructors. All run and gun.


I’m hosting (and teaching) an up and coming two day class specifically for run and gun competitions.

What is a run and gun? Run and guns are extremely fun and unique competitions that involve a multi mile run/walk route and shooting stages along the way involving rifle and pistol. The catch is, you have to carry all of your gear with you. Think of it like a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, but instead of the obstacles, you shoot steel.

This up and coming class will feature one day of instruction from 3 experienced run and cun competitors, and then a mini-match the next day where you only run a little bit to simulate the run portion, then you shoot stages under the supervision of an instructor who will then provide a critique with suggestions after you are finished shooting the stage.

It’s a first of its kind event and I am SUPER pumped about it.

But wait, there’s more! Saturday night will feature an optional night course. Because… why not! Shoot more stuff, sounds fun to me.

It’s July 7th & 7th near Houston Texas.

Register for the symposium here

Register for the night class here

I’m quite pumped about this class and hope to see y’all there.