Running Some Sub 2 Second Bill Drills

Ran some bill drills the other day to test out some new Fenix Ammunition. I’m REALLY liking it so far. It seems like premium pistol ammo for low to mid level prices.

Got a lot of sub 2 second bill drills.

Here’s a 1.74 from my competition holster using 147gr 9mm.

Here’s a 1.89 second from concealment. This was using Fenix’s 124gr FXP carry ammo. That ammo is created using Speer’s proven Gold Dot projectile. The recoil was definitely spicier than the 147gr ammo - but still extremely controllable.

If you want to give Fenix Ammo a try, here’s an affiliate link and here’s a regular link to Fenix if you don’t want to use my affiliate link.

Fenix is my new defensive, training, and competition pistol ammo. Haven’t tried their rifle ammo - but I’m probably gonna give it a try after I use up my current stockpiles.


Fenix is located about 80 miles from me. A lot of guys in my club run their ammo and everyone seems happy with it.


well you’re pretty fast i’ll give ya that, remind me to never let you get within handgun range.



Remember to don’t get in handgun range of me.