RV Living

About 2 years ago my wife of 33 years and I decided as “empty nesters” to simplify our lives! We decided that my pension from the Army for a 21 year career would do for our cost of living if we downsized. So we sold all the furniture and other accumulated stuff and bought a 5th wheel camper and a truck. We also sold her car so the truck and camper was it! Home. Was gonna travel but opportunity popped up and I took a job working for the Army as a helicopter mechanic instructor which was what I did for my Army career! So now we are parked for as long as we want to be but have the flexibility to uproot and leave when we want to! Best decision I think we made since retiring from the Army! Absolutely love it has allowed both of us to simplify and only keep things that are important to us! Now when we want to visit our kids and their families just turn out the lights turn off the water and take off!


We are trying to assess the decision ourselves. Looks like it will be a year or 2 before we can swing the retirement thing. The problem is we are already on the road a lot. But the bills won’t go away. lol


We have been all over the USA with our toyhauler.
Wife wants a new one when she retires to do it again.
We love to camp.


The new trailers are SO nice!!!
I have a 2007 Fleetwood… it is JUNK… falling apart. Been in it for 2 1/2 months full time. I do like it… it would be GREAT if it was a nicer trailer. Size is not the issue… it is that my trailer is falling apart.


Been dreaming and looking at a 2023 Cyclone Toyhauler. Really liking it.


We’ve gone to a few camper shows and see the damn things falling apart up for sale, RV or camper world used to have a huge facebook page of complaints, everyone who bought from them ended up hating them


The top of the line model of the Mobile Scout and also the Mobile Suites are built like tanks.
They are not light, but even all the wiring is heavy duty.