S. 1395: Age 21 Act

Age Restriction Fienstein way.
Next will be knife length, then hammer weight, then Fork length…


It won’t pass the senate. But for a woman who thinks she knows the constitution so well she sure does like to break it a lot


Amazes me how someone can be mature enough to vote, get a job, pay taxes, sign legal and binding contracts, get an abortion or to drive at 18 years old or less, but not mature enough to drink. They are mature enough at 18 to join the service, be issued a rifle and be required to kill and/or die defending this nation or other nations, but not old enough to buy a firearm or ammo. Mature enough to be a cop or firefighter but not mature enough to smoke a cigarette (Mitch McConnel wants smoking age to be raised to 21 as well).


Stop treating this like stupidity. Nancy has been around long enough to know that all you have to do it let the river run thru the desert and eventually you get a Canyon.
We are 5 or 10 years away from being servants if we don’t get more active politically or demand a reset.

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Or do you mean, "initiate " a reset?

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